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life on the east coast...

Jen is a self-taught Nova Scotian artist, painting her way across the province and celebrating the beauty of the East coast.

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Artist Statement

Jen Power Black Bear.jpg

Saltwire: Meet the Creators

Artistic and creative freedom feeds my soul and I am grateful everyday that I have the ability to create.  Capturing moments in time, expressed on canvas, hardened in paint, leaving a visual trail of my artistic journey through my skill building practice and my exploration of Nova Scotia, the extraordinary place I call home.

I also enjoy exploring different mediums and styles, though my main body of work has been in acrylic, depicting Nova Scotian  landscapes and wildlife with a touch of realism.  A large portion of my recent work has been highlighting my hometown, Truro.



2017 Truro Art Acquisition

     -honourable mention, Joseph Howe Falls

2018 Truo Art Acquisition

     -acquired piece, First United Church

2018 Municipality of Colchester Art Acquisition

     -acquired piece, Five Islands Flock

2019 Truro Art Acquisition

     -honorable mention, Victoria Park Bridge

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